Sustainability Initiatives Update

02 June 2023

We like to be as environmentally-friendly as we can at the Market and some of our sustainability initiatives we have implemented over the past few years include:

  • No disposable coffee cups or juice cups. We supply the coffee carts with cups owned by Remarkables Market and we have a borrow cup stand for hot drinks. The juice and cold drink companies to use glass jars and paper straws.
  • To make this possible, the Remarkables Market has invested in a sterilising unit and employs staff to clean coffee cups and glass jars used at the market.
  • Remarkables Market encourages people to bring their own bags, sells jute bags, has a Boomerang Bag option and requests stallholders to not sell their items in plastic bags.
  • All food trucks have also been asked to reduce their waste and most now have paper plates and potato starch or wooden cutlery
  • Remarkables Market has a wide variety of bins and encourages recycling.
  • Home Composting bins are used for coffee grinds and juicing left overs – which are taken away by the Remarkables Park landscaping team to compost.

As we look to begin our 2023/2024 market season we are asking ourselves what else can we do? What more can we reduce, reuse and recycle before discarding as waste?

For instance, food scraps is a large component of our rubbish bin. Along with the landscaping team the Remarkables Market are actively trialling different food waste management initiatives.

Compostable plates and cardboard pizza boxes with food remnants cannot be recycled so the good efforts our food trucks have gone to reduce their plastic waste is now going to landfill. We need to rethink how we can serve food and still be able to recycle.

We look forward to seeing you at the next market – remember bring your bag and cup – or borrow one of ours!